HRH Princess Alexandra visits Tickwood Care Farm

On Thursday 10 July I represented the firm on the occasion of the visit to Tickwood Care Farm by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra. The Princess had been invited to open the new zip-wire facility at the Farm, which is a large wooded area providing a number of activities for children attending local schools who suffer from a range of learning difficulties.

Fortunately I followed my sat nav’s directions rather than those supplied to me by our marketing manager, and as a result arrived at the Farm safely and in good time.

The other guests and myself were taken on a tour of the Woodland Walk where we were able to meet the children and their teachers at various sites. The various activities seem to be very well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by the children who were actively participating in them.

We were then taken to the zip-wire area. Guests were tentatively invited to have a go on the zip wire, but the common consensus was that a stiff gin and tonic would be required before attempting this!

Princess Alexandra (escorted by the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, Sir Algernon Heber-Percy and his wife), then came to the zip-wire area, and the Princess revealed a commemorative plaque. I was fortunate in that I was one of the guests who the Princess stopped to talk to and I was able to explain to her Lanyon Bowdlers involvement as a “corporate buddy” of the Farm.  

We were then shown round the walled garden at the Farm, following which we sampled some rather delicious sandwiches, vol-au-vents, trifles and other small eats prepared by the children.  

Fortunately the weather was warm and sunny to mark the Princess’s visit, and all of the guests had a most enjoyable time and were deeply impressed with the facilities and the range of activities provided for the children. In my view this is an exceptionally worthwhile project with which the firm is delighted to be associated. 

HRH Princess Alexandra meets Peter Flint