Important Changes Affecting Organisations in the Health and Social Care Sector

The changes brought about by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which received Royal Assent on 27 March 2012, will bring about substantial reorganisation of the National Health Service.  The changes which are gradually being implemented will no doubt be of great interest to public and private sector organisations that operate in or contract with parties in the Health and Social Care Sector.

Amongst other changes, the Act will bring about the dissolution of Primary Care Trusts and will  directly vest clinicians with charge of a budget to spend on services to be provided to the NHS.  

The NHS Commissioning Board and Clinical Commissioning Groups made up of General Practitioners in each locality will now directly commission services for their populations without the need to negotiate funding for those services through Primary Care Trusts.

In short, General Practitioners will be able to exercise greater discretion and will have a greater freedom of choice in deciding which organisations should provide health and social care services to their patients. 

The Confederation of British Industry has supported the changes, commenting that "Allowing the best provider to deliver healthcare services, whether they are a private company or a charity, will spur innovation and choice."

It is forecast that, as the changes come in to force, an increasing number of providers from the independent and third sectors will be contracted to offer services to NHS patients.

Our corporate and commercial department advise a number of organisations in the Health and Social Care Sector including partnerships, charities and limited companies. We list GP practices, independent care provider representatives, out of hours service providers and residential care providers amongst our clients and are pleased to advise those organisations on matters such as constitution and governance, commercial contracts (including those for the supply of goods and services), contract procurement, tendering and outsourcing, partnership, limited liability partnership and joint venture formation and agreements.

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