'It's Not Easy Being Green' - Businesses Say

I am disappointed to learn research by consultancy firm Morse, has found that over two-thirds of organisations are not ready for the new Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) legislation.

Many participants claim improving their green credentials is an important part of their future IT strategy, but are unsure how to implement the government recommendations. 

The research found that 56 per cent of organisations have set targets to reduce their energy consumption, although alarmingly 70 per cent do not know how much power they currently use, making it hard to improve performance and spot inefficient ways of working.

Brian Murray, a principal consultant at Morse, is convinced that businesses remain unsure of how the legislation affects them.
“It is encouraging that businesses are starting to recognise and understand the need for change. However, many firms may still be unaware of the CRC scheme and, despite undertaking initiatives to cut energy consumption do not realise that they can connect this into the new scheme," he said.

The CRC, introduced in April, has already caused confusion and frustration, with small businesses at the greatest risk of being penalised. IT departments are urged to take a proactive approach in reducing their carbon emissions.

With the first audits for the scheme are due in September many businesses may find themselves subject to hefty fines if they fail to adhere to the new legislation.

A simply approach my be to sign up to the Green Achiever Scheme with E4Environment - practical ways to help reduce energy consumption.  We have achieved so much in a relatively short space of time - if we can do it, anyone can!