Just What Will Free 'Personal Care' Actually Mean?

With the general election date now confirmed as 6 May, all the talk and media comment over the last few months about funding care for elderly people is probably reduced to so much hot air - again.  I wonder, anyway, how well most people have understood the current government's proposed free personal care for all people who have lived in a residential or nursing home for two years.  Among "most people" I include journalists and other media commentators because what I've read and heard has been at best ambiguous and not exactly guaranteed to enlighten the rest of us.
What will be free, if whatever government we get next decides to take it forward, will be the "personal care" element of residential and nursing care.  People who are self-funding under the present rules, and local authorities for those who aren't, will still have to pay for board and lodging - which seems perfectly reasonable to me but will no doubt still provoke protests from some quarters.

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