Lanyon Bowdler in the Farming Community

Since starting work at Lanyon Bowdler, I have seen just how much agriculture is a key part of the work that we do here. At around the same time I started, Ian Goodwin also joined the firm as a partner to head up the Agriculture Department and strengthen the team of people, already working in all their various areas of law, in terms of how they relate to agriculture and farming.  We are the NFU’s chosen panel firm of solicitors for Shropshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire and therefore are involved in many cases on behalf of NFU members; from individual cases, to national issues affecting people all over the country. In addition, the firm has recently expanded its presence in the region with the acquisition of an office in Hereford, taking over Lewis & Co.  This enables us to provide the full range of legal services we offer to farmers and people in Herefordshire, locally.

Almost every conceivable type of legal question could have an agricultural slant, ranging from employment issues, to land matters, planning, prosecutions, business planning and inheritance tax….the list goes on, and yet each of these areas needs special care and expertise when it comes to agriculture.

Agriculture itself is also wide ranging, from livestock to arable and energy to environment, again, the list goes on…

We have recently been involved in lots of projects to try and serve the farming community as best we can, attending local livestock markets, NFU meetings and forums to provide help and assistance where it’s required. We recognise the contribution that farming makes to our food security, the countryside, environmental protection, rural employment and the economy. It is after all a precious part of our heritage, and something really worth protecting and supporting.

If you are looking for a way to find out more about farming, think about Open Farm Sunday where on the 12 June, you could meet local farmers who grow your food and look after the countryside near you. Or if you are a farmer and need some advice, please contact us.

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