Lanyon Bowdler Provide Support at Shrewsbury High School Careers Event

On 7 November myself, senior partner Peter Flint and solicitor advocate Ian Durant attended Shrewsbury High School’s Careers Convention to provide legal careers advice and guidance to the girls aged between 13-18.

The most popular question from the pupils was what GCSE and A levels were needed to be a lawyer. We advised that at GCSE a broad range of subjects were important. Academic subjects such as English, Maths, History, Sciences and Languages were strong subjects to choose. Hobbies such as drama, music and sport demonstrated a well-rounded character and would add something different to a CV.

At ‘A’ Level we advised that at least two subjects should be academic and traditional.  Pupils were recommended to avoid ‘soft subjects’ such as Business Studies, Media Studies and IT. Many pupils were also surprised when we advised them to avoid ‘A’ Level Law, which isn’t needed and can actually damage chances of gaining a place at a good University. Most Universities prefer candidates to come to the law with as little technical legal knowledge as possible. Skills gained on academic courses such as communication skills, analytical ability and intellectual ability are more important. The most important advice on subject choice was to do subjects that the girls enjoyed and had ability in; while remembering the importance of traditional subjects.

For gaining future employment, we suggested the pupils gain as much work experience as possible. This was important in helping them to decide whether law was a career for them and for setting them apart from the thousands of graduates who want to be lawyers. The competition for places is fierce and applications should be made early as many firms have long waiting lists.