Law Careers Fair at University of Wolverhampton

It does not seem like three years since I was attending the Law Fair at Warwick University during my second year, had my home page set to a law careers website, and could not go for one minute without hearing the words ‘training contract’ or  ‘vacation scheme’ echo around the corridors of the law school.

This stage in a law student’s life is extremely stressful and worrying. Aside from essay deadlines, and revision for examinations, students are desperately attempting to complete applications, research law firms, and take part in extra curricular activities – at the same time as trying to have a life beyond studying.

This is why when I heard that we would be attending the Law Fair at the University of Wolverhampton, I was eager to attend along with my fellow trainee solicitors, Kim Roberts and Amanda Berekdar.

We were surprised by the large number of students in attendance at the Fair, showing that even in the face of unprecedented change; the law is still the boy for many students.

We all felt that this was a chance for us to not only inform the students about our firm, the practice areas and locations of our offices, and ethos of Lanyon Bowdler,  but to illustrate to them that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and hard work and perseverance does pay off.

The three of us have come to the law through different routes, and the students we saw were also on a variety of paths. It was enjoyable, and encouraging for us to be able to share with them our journeys into a legal career, showing them that all of the hard work, late nights (studying that is!) and worrying is certainly worth it in the end.

Of course, the Lanyon Bowdler teddy bears, biscuits and bookmarks on our stand helped as well!