LB Staff in 10k Run and 50 Mile Hike

Generous staff at Lanyon Bowdler have once again demonstrated their charitable spirit by raising yet more money for charity as well as becoming extremely fit in the process! 

On Sunday 18 October Nichola Burnham took part in the 10k run at Weston Park in aid of Cancer Research UK.  This was a huge challenge for Nichola as the last time she did any long distance running, prior to her training, was at school, but she felt she wanted to set herself a challenge and aim to fundraise as much money as possible for charity.

Nichola had just over 3 months to train for the run, and set about improving her fitness levels by going to the gym every week, and then building up the distance she could run a step at a time, before gaining in confidence and heading out on the roads.  Nichola took advantage of the beautiful Shropshire countryside and devised a 9k route around Shifnal to train on, along with her fiancé Marc.  She says “At first I was very apprehensive about running such a distance as I was really worried I would run 5k away from home and not be able to make it back! However, to my, and probably Marc's surprise, I managed it a number of week before the run!”

On the day of the race, Nichola was overwhelmed by the amount of support from spectators all along the route of the race, who were clapping and cheering the contestants on which added to the amazing atmosphere.  Nichola was also moved by the other runners in the event saying “by nature of the charity we were running for, there were a lot of contestants who were running in memory of people who had been taken from them due to cancer or those who were fighting or had survived cancer.  Lots of people had messages on their backs in memory of their family and friends which were very sad to read, but at the same time they were also inspiring and motivating”.

Nichola successful completed the course in a very respectable time of 1 hour 6 minutes which was a personal best, and managed to fundraise, along with her fiancée, approximately £250 for Cancer Research.

Meanwhile another very fit and motivated member of staff at Lanyon Bowdler completed a 50 mile overnight walk across the Shropshire Hills.  Ceri Christie completed the Longmynd Hike over the weekend of the 3/4 of October. This involved walking 50 miles over the Shropshire Hills starting at 1 pm on the Saturday and had to be completed in 24 hours. 

Although a tough and challenging hike, there were many highlights which stood out for Ceri, “the views from the top of the Stiperstones as it was bathed in moonlight were amazing, and watching the sun come up over the hills was a really special moment”.  Another special memory for Ceri was seeing everyone descending the hills in their head torches which Ceri described as “looking like a line of fireflies”.  Ceri did experience some lows however, the rain was very disheartening, as was having to face climbing the steep Ragleth Hill after 48 miles.  However, Ceri was very pleased to complete the hike in 19 ½ hours, finishing at 8.30 am the following morning!

Congratulations to both!