Literacy and Numeracy Skills are Vital in the Job Market

The BBC Wales news website recently highlighted concerns raised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) that organisations believe many of today’s school leavers lack the numeracy and literacy skills required by employers.  Other surveys have also shown that firms found school leavers also have problems with business awareness and communication skills.

In today’s economy there are increasing numbers of young people seeking to secure their first job after completing education and with the increase in university fees, more youngsters are looking at alternatives such as apprenticeships.

Skills such as literacy and numeracy form the building blocks to support on-going learning and in a competitive jobs market, those who can demonstrate these skills are more likely to secure a job ahead of those who cannot.  Today’s young people have technology galore to support them, particularly with communication, but they need to remember that employers still require a basic understanding of maths and literacy, to be able to communicate effectively – using “text speak” to communicate with colleagues and customers is not acceptable in the business world.

It is important schools focus on such skills from an early age, continuing throughout the period of education and work closely with employers to ensure the school leavers of the future have the right skills to support the needs of employers.