Local Help for Children, Teenagers and Adults With Physical Disabilities

Last week I attended Megan Baker House, a truly inspirational educational centre for children and adults with physical disabilities and special education needs, situated close to Berrington Hall between Ludlow and Leominster.

Megan Baker House offers conductive education to children, teenagers and adults with disabilities such as head injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy and early onset Parkinson’s.

Conductive education was explained to me as finding a way to send the message to the body, when the ordinary path has been damaged due to such things as injury or disease. It provides a way of coping, and offers techniques enabling the children and adults to learn to manage the difficulties caused by their disabilities. That was an explanation in layman’s terms and there is clearly a lot more to it with the educators (conductors) trained in how to get the best out of their client’s.
These skills are things we take for granted in our day to day lives. It was inspiring to see the training room, complete with kitchen and appliances, designed to aid teenagers and young adults obtain those skills to allow them to live independently, and open up their opportunities for leaving home and attending higher education. To instil confidence in a young person at that stage in their life is crucial, and this is what they do at Megan Baker House.

The benefits of the centre can be seen from young babies learning to control their head movements, to adults with Parkinson’s disease improving their balance and ability to carry out day to day activities with confidence.

It is evident there is support for the families and the atmosphere was so welcoming and friendly, I can understand why some families travel from far afield to come to the centre.

If you require any further information regarding the facilities at Megan Baker House or are interested in their fundraising activities, please go to