Ludlow Sixth Form College Careers Fair - A Valuable Insight into a Career in Law

On Thursday 31 March, I went along to a Careers Fair organised by Ludlow Sixth Form College to represent Lanyon Bowdler in my role as trainee solicitor, accompanied by partner and Family Law solicitor, Colin Spanner.
With the demands of studying and pressure of exams, students don’t always find the time to thoroughly investigate their career path, or what opportunities are open to them.  Having representatives from the varying professions come into college during a normal day can provide many with the answers to their questions, or give a timely prompt for them to think about what they want to do! 

Rather than lecturing to a group of students, representatives were invited to set up stalls so that the students could wander around the hall informally and attend the stalls that caught their interest.  Students were free to put their questions to the representatives without the embarrassment of asking in front of a group of their peers and for the less gregarious visitors, most stalls provided leaflets and glossy brochures in addition to the now customary free gifts of stationery!

The whole event provided a valuable opportunity for students to put their questions and concerns to people with practical experience of working in various areas. A number of students felt a career in law was beyond them as they had not studied law at A-Level, and most were surprised to learn that the lawyers there had not studied law prior to starting their degrees.  This can only highlight the value of the fair in addressing misconceptions about the route into a law career!