Mobile Phone Use When Driving Is Still A Problem

A recent survey by the AA, reported in the Daily Telegraph, highlighted that 42% of drivers break the law by using mobile phones whilst driving.  A further 60% said using the phones had distracted them, while 20% admitted to sending text messages whilst behind the wheel.  Three-quarters of the 21,000 drivers who responded to the poll said they saw others using mobiles on some or most trips.

It is illegal to use a hand held device whilst driving a car or riding a motorcycle and this includes making or receiving calls, sending or receiving texts or images, and accessing the internet.  Some people may not realise that they are still breaking the law if they do any of the above whilst sitting at traffic lights, or in a queue of traffic. 

If caught you can expect to receive an automatic fixed penalty notice meaning 3 points on your licence and a £60 fine.

However if the case goes to court, you may be disqualified and face a fine of up to £1000.

The fine increases for drivers of a bus or goods vehicle to a maximum of £2500.

Employers can also be prosecuted if they ask employees to use their phones whilst driving.