Moonwalk Training - 5 Weeks to Go!

Well - 5 weeks to go and this is my penultimate blog before the big night. 

Apart from yet another heavy cough and cold and losing my voice, training is going well. We are expected to do 20 miles by the end of April.  I completed 15 miles yesterday setting off from home at 9.30am.  Trekking over Bury Ditches down into Clunton, on to Clun and then back through Colebatch into Bishops Castle, arriving back at home at 2.00pm. 


I had a 20 minute break when my husband had to meet me on an emergency "plaster" run.  I wear a bum bag to carry essentials but up until now, haven't needed any plasters.  Looks like I'll have to plaster all of my toes up for the Moonwalk.  He also needed to top me up with water as it was very hot during the last part of the walk.  I'll have to set off earlier next week if the weather is still as warm as this.  On the Moonwalk itself, fruit and water is provided at feeding stations every three miles.  I'll be counting down!!


Well I am very excited to say that I have now received my official Moonwalk pack and my walker's number is Yellow 7825.  Also my t-shirt with a pink sparkly bra printed on the front, my pink peaked cap which has silver stars on it, bag label and bra, oh - and a booklet on how to walk it will follow!!!.  My husband has also bought me a snuggly pink fleece jacket as it will get cold during the night.  Wearing the peak cap is essential or you don't get fed and watered.
As the theme is "walk on the wild side", I have decided to wear tiger print.  I will cover my bra with tiger print material with black feathers and stitching a stripe of it down the outside seams of my leggings.  We are advised not to overdo it so as not to let it interfere with our walking.  Bum bags are recommended and not ruck sacks as they rub. So, I'm ready for the off except - I'm in agony today.  I feel as though I've spent the last 24 hours on horseback as I'm walking like John Wayne.  My hips ache really badly. Freeze sprays, knee supports and paracetamol are doing the trick!!  However, I feel more confident that I'll get through it now that I've completed 15 miles.  No matter how near or far I decide my target mileage should be, I do it.  So on the night, I know it'll be nothing less than 26.2 miles.
Also, I am delighted to say that I have exceeded my target of £500 and heading very close to £600.  Thank you once again to everyone who will/has sponsored me.  This is keeping me going.
On the 12th of April I will be holding my final fund raising eat-in for my Ludlow colleagues (and anyone else from our other offices who may be visiting that day).  This time, I have planned a lunch rather than a cake/chocolate/any naughties-you-care-to mention binge.  There'll be a choice of bacon rolls, home made Jamie Oliver's tomato and basil soup, home made macaroni cheese, home made quiche, hot cross buns as we're close to Easter and no doubt many other delights and cakes perhaps.  Pictures to follow in my pre-Moonwalk blog.  I'm still not eating choclate during lent so I may top off my fund raising after the Moonwalk with a "how much chocolate cake can I eat in one go" binge.  Maybe not!!
Since my last blog, we have had a holiday in Cornwall. We stayed in Mevagissy and the weather was superb so it made for good walking on all the little beaches we could find.  

My final long training walk will be during the week between Easter and May bank holiday when my sister in law, who's walking the Moonwalk with me, will be coming to stay and we'll be doing our final training together.  If I haven't heard from BBC Radio Shropshire by then, I may contact them to invite them to catch us up en-route.
Anyway, I'll carrying on walking and write my pre Moonwalk blog before I go off to London on 13th May.