Moonwalk Training Continues....

Well, the last few weeks haven't gone according to plan.  I picked up a chill and so rested through the first week trying to shake it off and I felt like I did succeed.  I then decided to make the 7.5 mile walk as per the previous week. As I had kept out of the gym for the week I didn't want to pull a muscle.  I decided to multi task so I put my Christmas puds on to boil for their 8 hours (I did plan to arrive home well before their cooking time was up!!!). I arrived home at base camp a couple of hours later but my husband had to come and rescue the dogs. They are knocking on a bit now and prefer softer ground rather than road walking.  Trouble is, I now can't put on my trainers without the dogs waiting at the door to go and I don't have the heart to leave them behind.  Anyway I was very good and let him drive the dogs away without taking me too!!

So, the next day back at work the coughing commenced.  By Wednesday night I took to my bed with the heaviest cold and cough I've had in years.  I stayed there until Sunday when I took a stroll through woods to get some fresh air.  I've found this last week very difficult with the diet too.  Does the saying go "feed a cold and starve a fever"? - whichever it is, I've definitively been feeding too much.  This is not going to be easy for me.  All hail to those who run a marathon.  The willpower to be an all round good healthy egg is taking it's toll at the moment.

Anyway, a trip to Lanzarote may help to get my health back on track!!!  I'm not planning to do "Iron man" but the hotel has been deliberately booked at the top of a hill overlooking a harbour so exercise will play a good part (Howard doesn't know that bit yet)!! He's not a one for hill walking unless it's down to the pub!

 I've not been wasting time whilst staying in the warm.  I've started to read (and try and take in) a little about genetic diseases in the Askenazi Jewish race and finding it very interesting.  There are many different theories regarding mutations especially breast and ovarian cancers in men and women and how the gene is passed on in greater numbers. 

So, the Moonwalk for me is not just about exercise and attempting to become fit, it's learning about my family history any what it may mean to me in the future.

 Marching and fundraising on.