More Speed Cameras on M54 in Shropshire

Those of us who regularly commute along the M54 may have noticed that the average speed cameras have now been switched on between Junction 5 (Telford central) and Junction 3 (Whitchurch), a distance of approximately seven miles.

The average speed along this route is now reduced to 50 mph for the foreseeable future. In addition, on the opposite carriageway, speed cameras are now in place, albeit not currently active.

Record Number of Motorists Caught Speeding

This comes at a time when Shropshire has just released record figures for the number of motorists caught speeding in last previous 12 months.


Temporary Cameras in Place

In addition, temporary cameras are being placed in the 50mph zones currently in force between the A5 Preston Island to the Emstrey Island and in the opposite direction, catching a number of motorists out.

Motorists beware! For any advice on such offences, please contact me on 01743 280280 or 07776 184489.