Mortgage Arrears Fears

In a recent poll commissioned by the homelessness charity Shelter it was found that more than a third of people either renting or with a mortgage in Britain are expected to struggle to keep up with payments during 2014. 

The charity suggests those with children are worse affected.  The poll of around 3,600 people showed that 70% of these have said they are already finding it tough to keep up with payments or have already fallen behind.  It also highlighted that a worrying one fifth of people said that they had deliberately not opened post in case it was a bill or a late payment reminder.  One person revealed that they had arrived home to their rented flat to find the locks had been changed.  She had not realised that a court hearing had even taken place because she had not felt able to open her post after falling into arrears with her rent. 

Paying your rent or mortgage is a priority debt and if you are struggling to pay either of these or have indeed already fallen behind then you need to take urgent legal advice so that steps can be taken in an attempt to avoid the possibility of you losing the roof over your head.