Motivation by Champion Ice Skater Mark Hanretty

As a member of Telford figure skating club, I had the privilege this weekend of attending a master class skate camp run by Mark Hanretty, who represented the UK and was a two time bronze medallist and European champion. Mark has more recently appeared as a professional skater in ITV’s Dancing On Ice.

His motivational introduction was inspiring. This was followed by a gruelling off ice warm up, which made advanced yoga look easy.

Throughout the day we had group tuition sessions on ice ice skating, including one to one lessons with him and his team, then more off ice workouts, with extended stretches. The phrase, “relax down in to the splits” was worrying!

This coupled with the “three month challenge” to perfect the same, did fill me with some trepidation.

However, the emphasis was on posture, knee bends and extensions, and making every step really count and be done to a level of absolute excellence, striving for perfection, strongly resonated very much with the Lanyon Bowdler culture. (Although I am very pleased that I don’t have to do such extreme stretches before I have to see my clients!!)

The day finished with a choreographed dance routine which every one thoroughly enjoyed participating in.

I do have to confess to being a little stiff whilst writing this, but the three month challenge is on!!!

Telford Ice Skating Club with Mark Hanretty

You can spot me third from the left - sporting a green scarf