Motoring Offences - They Happen Regardless of Your Name or Profession

According to website, (click here for the full article) research carried out recently by Diamond Insurance revealed that motorists with certain jobs and first names are more likely to commit motoring offences.  Surgeons are most likely to have a speeding conviction, followed by chartered surveyors, area sales managers and commercial chairpersons.  Amongst the most law abiding professions are au pairs, dinner ladies and driving instructors.  In the men’s names, those most likely to receive a fine are Rupert, Julian and Piers, and for women Juliette, Susannah and Justine.  Least likely to commit a speeding offence in the men’s names are Connor, Terrence and Jake, and for women it’s Paige, Molly and Shannon.

Of course, regardless of name or profession, the reality is that anyone can find themselves in a situation where they have been caught speeding, or committing another type of motoring offence, such as drink or drug driving, careless or dangerous driving or mobile phone offences to name but a few.  

So, for all those surgeons out there called Piers, or Juliette who need expert motoring law advice, contact myself or my colleague Christopher Grainger on 0800 652 3372 or email