Motorists Neglect Using Seatbelts

I recently read that motorists in southern England are putting their lives and those of other drivers, at risk by failing to wear a seatbelt.  And I bet this isn't just happening in the south of our country!

Road Safety Partnership's 'No Excuse' campaign shows just under 2,500 drivers or passengers were caught not wearing a seatbelt in the past 12 months in Dorset alone. Figures also included a staggering 1,000 used mobile phones while driving.

This news follows other instances of driver recklessness. Police have given examples which include finding a pregnant woman behind the wheel of her car without a seatbelt on.  The soon-to-be mother, was fined for her actions. Officers also pulled over a woman who was “waving her hands around wildly” in the car as she tried to shoo out a fly.

"Unfortunately, a significant number of drivers continue to put themselves and others at risk though selfish or careless practices," said Chief Inspector Robert Nichols, Head of Special Operations at Dorset Police.

To avoid financial penalties, possible prison time and potentially fatal accidents always follow the letter of the law when operating your vehicle.  However, if you do find yourself on the wrong side of the law, then promptly contact our Motoring Law specialists.