My New Year's Resolution - Update my Will

How many New Year’s resolutions do you make?  More to the point, how quickly do you realise you have failed to keep any of them?

I rarely make them – what’s the point, I know I’ll forget what I’m meant to be doing and break them.  What I try to do is simply decide to make a few changes – less pressure I suppose, and……….as I haven’t tagged these small changes with the dreaded New Year Resolution, no one is going to say anything if I fail to achieve them!

But this year I am making a New Year Resolution – I simply must update my Will. recently published results of a survey prepared by, which suggests only 41% of people have made a Will by the time they are 59!  The main reason for not making a Will was that people “just hadn’t got around to doing it.”  Well I suppose that ‘s similar to my situation, but with me – I have a Will but I’m not sure it now reflects my current wishes.

I have even less of an excuse because I work for Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors – and as you might expect we have a team of nice, friendly, helpful individuals who would happily sort my affairs out.  And whilst I realise the cost can be off putting for many – I am told a fairly simple Will can cost in the region of £160 plus VAT, so surely it’s worth it.

So I now have an reminder entry in my Outlook diary on 11 January (I’m really busy the first week back!), to book an appointment with our lovely Lucy Scott.