National Grid Confirm Peniarth Valley is too Steep

National Grid confirms that Peniarth Valley is too steep for the proposed pylons through Powys and Shropshire.

It has recently been announced by the National Grid that their proposals for a new pylon line through Powys and Shropshire, along with a 19 acre sub-station will be through the Vyrnwy Valley rather than the neighbouring Peniarth Valley. 

The Peniarth Valley is considered too steep with difficult environmental conditions for the construction of the pylon line. The Peniarth and Vyrnwy Valleys were considered as possible pylon routes last year after Cefn Coch, near Llanfair Caereinion, was chosen for the site of the 19 acre sub-station which will be used to link the wind farms currently proposed, or under development in mid-Wales, to the National Grid 400kw cable overhead line in mid Shropshire. The proposed line runs from the sub-station through Powys and Shropshire, connecting with the National Grid existing over head line near Oswestry.

The National Grid’s Project Manager Mr Jeremy Lee has confirmed that while they are still working on the best possible route for the connection, it has become increasingly clear that the construction challenges, such as the steepness of the valley and environmental effects in the Peniarth Valley, make a route in the Vrynwy Valley a better option to take forward.

I believe that the National Grid are now trying to identify land owners along the proposed pylon corridor regarding their work on the mid-Wales connection project. Where they have not identified the land owner, or where they have not been granted voluntary access, the National Grid will pursue the right of access under the Electricity Act. 

Should any land owners receive notice of intention to take access they should contact their Solicitors and Land Agents directly, and land owners should be aware that should access be obstructed National Grid will seek the assistance of the Courts in obtaining necessary white rides. 

Further information is available from the NFU or contact me either at our office on St Martin's Street, Hereford, by telephone on 01432 378379 or by email