New Court of Protection Legal Team Serving Shropshire and Herefordshire

When a person lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves, it is usually necessary to involve the Court of Protection.

A person can lose their mental capacity in a variety of ways. The most common is where an elderly individual is suffering from one of the various forms of dementia or may have had a stroke. Others may have suffered from acquired brain injuries, severe post traumatic stress disorder or severe forms of cerebral palsy.

The Court of Protection has jurisdiction to appoint an individual known as a Deputy to act of behalf on a person who lacks capacity. The Deputy plays a vital role in ensuring that a person’s affairs are safeguarded and managed for that person’s benefit.

Lanyon Bowdler has just established a new Court of Protection team, which I am delighted to be leading. The team understands it is so very important to establish personal relationships and work closely with families and carers to ensure that the pressures and additional stresses of looking after an individual’s personal finances are removed. Careful consideration is given to financial, social and welfare issues as well as legal matters. This is vital in ensuring that the right decisions for an individual’s future long term needs are made.

We handle all Court of Protection applications and the administration of incapacitated people’s affairs under deputyship orders.  We also deal with the creation of and administration of personal injury trusts. 

Many of the cases we look after will be as a result of the increasing number of successful claims brought by the firm's Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence departments. However, we will deal with all incapacitated clients whether their need arises through an acquired brain injury or not - for example, if their requirement results from a degenerative illness, such as dementia.

If you have any queries or need assistance relating to Court of Protection matters, I can be contacted on 01743 280293 or