New Sentence Guideline for Dangerous Dog Offences Unveiled Today

Following on from my 23 April blog, a new sentencing guideline for those convicted of dangerous dog offences will be published by the Sentencing Council today.
It will result in an increase in sentencing levels from the current position.  For any owner allowing their dog to be dangerously out of control, injuring someone, the sentencing level has been set at 18 months imprisonment in order to encourage the courts to use more severe sentences when it would be appropriate to do so.
In addition, owning a prohibited dog could now lead to up to 6 months imprisonment for the most serious cases.
The new guideline will mean more offenders will face jail sentences, more will get community orders and fewer will receive conditional discharges.

Other recommendations are that irresponsible owners could be banned from keeping dogs indefinitely and genuinely dangerous dogs could be put down.  There is also higher compensation payable to victims.
The Guideline applies to those sentenced on or after 20 August 2012.