New Year, New Will - Is It At The Top Of Your Resolution List?

New Year – new plans, and with them, the best of intentions, which do not always come to fruition.  However, certain resolutions are worth sticking to, and for those people who have not yet made a Will, it should be at the top of the resolution list!

It is estimated that around 50% of people die without a Will, which puts both their finances and their families at risk.  Many people do not realise that if they die without leaving a Will, it is likely that their money will go to the Crown.

The law as it currently stands does not recognise partners even if they have been living together for many years.  However, if you do make a Will, you will be able to include partners, friends, charities and even pets, and have full control over matters such as funeral arrangements. 

Although it is a topic which many people don’t wish to dwell on, and many think they do not currently need, it is essential to protect your assets, and the future of your family.  It is also vitally important to make sure that your Will is properly drawn up.  A badly drafted Will, or one which is incorrectly executed, can have dire consequences. 

If you think about it, making a Will should be one of the most important legal transactions that you enter into in your life – right up there with a house purchase and mortgage.  However, too few of us have a Will or keep it regularly under review.  My view is that, not having a Will runs an unnecessary risk.  If you have a family, I think that risk is not just unnecessary, it is unjustifiable.  Do not put it off.  Make that resolution.