No Will for Stephen Gately

My recent Blog on the Rules of Intestacy has even more topical relevance today than it did on Tuesday, as we now learn the family of recently deceased boy band star, Stephen Gately, have finally conceded that no Will was left before his untimely death last month.

Gately’s registered civil partner, Andrew Cowles, was reportedly searching for the Will with the help of a top London law firm, believed to be in possession of the document. But the search has proved fruitless, forcing the star’s family and loved ones to abandon the hunt.

The Boyzone singer died from a build-up of fluid on his lungs following a night on the town in Port d’Andratx on the Spanish Island of Majorca. Sources had suggested that Gately had left his last Will and testament with an unknown solicitor but were unsure which firm was in control of the document.

“When you consider how high-profile the funeral was, covered by 24-hour rolling news channels, one would think that if a law firm did held the Will, they would have come forward by now,” A friend told Northern Ireland’s Belfast Telegraph.

“If there is no Will, which is looking more and more likely as the days go by, then it makes everything very complicated legally.”

Sources claim Gately’s estate is worth an estimated £7.2m and under current intestacy laws, Gately’s registered civil partner will be entitled to up to £450,000 and personal possessions, with half of all remaining possessions split with the star’s family.