Pay As You Go....

With the disappearance of Legal Aid for the majority of family law matters, and the perennial problem that the perceived cost of getting legal advice is (at best) offputting and (at worst) downright terrifying for many people, Lanyon Bowdler reviewed and overhauled its costing strategies last year to meet the varying needs and priorities of our wide spectrum of clients.

One such strategy was "Pay As You Go".  Hang on, I hear you ask - paying for the work done when it's done, hasn't that always been the way with solicitors?

Well, the potential difficulty for many people is that when they instruct a solicitor under the more traditional "hourly rate" system the solicitor is then responsible for handling every document that comes in, every telephone call made, etc no matter how simple or complex that might be, and often the first the client learns of it is when they get their monthly bill.  For many people that is simply not financially viable.

Pay As You Go offers the best of both worlds in that the client has access to legal advice but remains entirely in the driving seat, choosing if and when any cost is incurred and how much they incur at any given time.

In effect, the client handles the matter himself or herself but has a solicitor on hand to assist with completing forms and documents, preparing letters to an opponent, or simply to advise on a specific aspect of the case.

The solicitor does not enter into correspondence or phone calls with or on behalf of the client and face-to-face appointments are arranged in advance and paid for at the time, according to how long the client has spent in that appointment.

Everyone has their own strengths - some people are very good at completing forms but need a little help with letters, others are entirely able to manage the paperwork in their case but just feel reassured by half an hour with the solicitor to advise on strategy or settlement proposals.  The Pay as You Go system plays to those strengths and puts the choice firmly in the hands of the client as to when and what they pay for a solicitor's input.

Additionally, for those clients who for whatever reason might encounter difficulties typing up a letter or form prepared in a Pay as You Go meeting, we offer a very reasonable typing-up service for a small extra fee, negotiated at the meeting depending on the length and complexity of the document in question.

For more information about this and other services offered by the family law department please contact 01743 280280.