Proud Evening at the Young Enterprise Awards Event

On Wednesday 11 May 2011, I proudly attended the Young Enterprise Awards evening being held at Greenhous Meadow Stadium, Shrewsbury. From September each year students in Shropshire, aged between 15 and 19, take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme.  The students join into groups and each team establishes a business. The companies trade throughout the academic year and this event is the culmination of the students’ hard work and a celebration of their achievements.

I have been a volunteer business adviser to Just4U!, a company formed by Idsall School students, but have occasionally sat in on the board meetings of Quickfire and Threads, two other Idsall School companies.

The event was a very inspirational evening. Attending on the night were the Young Enterprise companies who were competing to represent Shropshire in the West Midlands Finals in June, together with sponsors and guests from the local business community.

Prior to the Celebration of Achievement Dinner, I had the opportunity to meet with students from other schools at a mini trade fair. Then, following dinner, there were a series of live presentations showcasing the company programme journey for 2010/2011. Several awards, one of which was sponsored by Lanyon Bowdler, were presented throughout the evening.

I am pleased to say that Quickfire received the award for Best Financial Management, Just4U! was nominated for the award for True Grit and Threads were nominated for the award for Best Financial Management. The co-ordinating teacher at Idsall School, Gareth Morgan, won the award for Best Link Teacher.

The Young Enterprise Company Programme is now drawing to a close for this academic year and this week the students are holding their final board meetings to determine how the corporation tax and VAT will be paid and remaining profits (if any!) split between them: a harsh lesson in the realities of running your own business. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a business adviser and hope to assist some eager young entrepreneurs again in September.