Recording Radio Ads is a Nerve Wracking Business!

Recording at a music station is a bit nerve racking no matter how many times you have done it before. I have been recording my own adverts at Radio Wyvern for the last 8 or so years and was really pleased to be back there last week to record my advert for Lanyon Bowdler’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team.

I went to the studio in Worcester to meet Geoff who designs the ad and Holly our account manager who makes sure we get it all right. They are both great fun and put you at ease straight away. 

I bumped into breakfast DJ Rich Hurst or “Hursky” as he prefers to be known who laughed at being introduced to the voice behind the ad. Having played the ad for so long you wonder what they are expecting and can’t tell if your physical presence is somewhat of a disappointment to your image on air. That’s the fun of radio.

We recorded in the studio with Jim Kerwood “technical genius”. The headphones and the big microphone make you feel like a radio news reader. After a few laughs and missed takes we had got a straight run of the ad that sounded just right.

Geoff then puts the music to the ad and the piece is put together and emailed over to us for approval, and much laughing at me in the office as we listen to the finished result.

Fame at last!