Seeds are Being Sown.......

The plans for our Headway Shropshire Show Garden are now starting to take shape, and following another meeting with our garden designer, Mike Russell this afternoon, I have come away with a list of requirements in the plant and produce department!  We’ve asked for Lanyon Bowdler staff to volunteer to help grow plants at home to add to the show garden, and we’ve had a good response so far….but the more the merrier so any additional volunteers are most welcome!  

I will be mucking in and growing what I can, as gardening is something I enjoy doing in my spare time so it’s great that I get to be involved with it at work too. I’ve already got some sweet peas on the go, which are growing furiously at the moment!  I’ll be co-ordinating our volunteers and establishing what they need to grow - it’s going to be a real group effort, and all of the updates can be found at  so watch this space!