Shrewsbury Half Marathon Training Panic

Well, the beginning of May has crystallised my focus, and made me realise I only have a few weeks training left until the Shrewsbury half marathon, a sponsored event in support of one of Lanyon Bowdler’s chosen charities…. and I’m scared.

My faithful running partner (my dog) and I have been gamely trotting on over the winter, but not on snowy days, of which there have been a lot, or on rainy days, it has been a little more inclement than usual … or on ‘let’s just stay in front of the fire’ days, of which there have been an unseasonal fair few…so all in all, both the date and the fine weather of last week, have caught up rather unprepared.

How can it now be May already? And only 6 weeks to go, my training partner is as always enthusiastic, his long legs, boundless energy, wet nose and wagging tail never stop. I however am not so spritely. That said, I have scheduled in a couple of lone lunch time trots… balancing work with a gruelling exercise regime…has left me spent! Furthermore, it’s so warm, where did that come from? I will have to shed the full lycra compression suit... (a bit like magic knickers for runners and very much needed at my age) and heaven forbid had to get my legs out!

Oh well, I shall breathe deeply, appreciate the moment, and know it is all in a good cause.