Social Media Means the Crimes Are Changing!

'The crimes they are a-changing' as Bob Dylan might say! 

Over the past few years, largely due to the increase in social media, the types of offence I represent are developing.

More and more evidence is being produced of threats made on Facebook, Twitter or via text message meaning phones and computers have to be sent off for analysis.

Comments made in the heat of the moment leave a permanent trace as soon as they are posted - by which point it is too late to delete.

Some recent high profile cases have demonstrated also the growing number of so called 'trolls' who attack people such as the Olympian Tom Daley via social media. 

'Celebrities' such as Rio Ferdinand have found out that a 're-tweet' of another person's offensive comment can also alert the authorities.

The simple advice is think before you comment or tweet. Remember, you are not just making that comment to one person, you are in reality sharing it with the world!

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