Students at Charlton School in Wellington Get an Insight into Working in Law

I am the Debt Recovery Manager at Lanyon Bowdler, last week I attended one of the local secondary schools, Charlton, in Wellington with two of my colleagues, Ceri Christie a family lawyer from our Wellington office and Bethan Jones a newly qualified employment solicitor from our Telford office, to participate in a workshop for year 11 students who were interested in gaining employment within the area of law.  The workshop was organised by one of the local Connexions advisors, who attended and chaired the meeting.

The students were split into three groups and myself, Ceri and Bethan each sat with a group and helped guide them through the tasks that they had been given:

(a) to discuss how "the law" could affect their every day life - the different areas of law;

(b) what characteristics/qualities a lawyer may need to undertake their role; and

(c) the qualifications required/the length of time to study through to qualification.  This gave the students an insight into whether they thought that they themselves had the right kind of characteristics and goals to follow. 

We each gave the students a brief introduction to how we came to work in the law and the study route that we took to gain the qualifications we each achieved e.g the traditional route that Bethan took and the ILEX route that myself and Ceri took.  We also gave them a brief insight into each of our daily routines, the type of work that we undertook and what it meant.  Whilst we answered the student’s questions throughout the session we also finished the session with an open and answer question just to clarify

The students participated well and showed interest.  I am sure that attending the workshop answered many of the questions that they had and in the very least, gave them some assistance in how to pursue a career in the law.