Taking a Look at the Role of a High Court Enforcement Officer

Yesterday’s Credit Control Network Seminar at Gray’s Hotel & Conference Centre in Telford went really well, and we enjoyed a detailed presentation given by Martin Leyshon, one of the Directors of High Court Enforcement Group.  Martin, who was originally appointed as a “Sheriffs Officer” back in 1995 and who also sits as Vice Chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, was accompanied by Amir Ali, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Civil Court Users Association.

As I instruct High Court Enforcement Officers to recover outstanding civil judgment debts for my clients in the Debt Recovery Unit on a regular basis, this was a handy opportunity for some of our clients to meet a High Court Enforcement Officer face to face and to question him about the processes High Court Enforcement Officers follow.  It also helped us to learn more about the daily life of a High Court Enforcement Officer coupled with what training they have to undergo, whether it involves collecting debts or carrying out environmental evictions e.g. removal of squatters!

I’m going to spend a day with one of the local High Court Enforcement Officers soon to see first hand how they work, and get a ‘day in the life’ glimpse!  It should be an interesting day and I’m looking forward to seeing how this side of debt recovery works, as it’s always good to get a rounder understanding of your own job by finding out about those who work so closely with you.