Testicular Torsion – All Men and Parents Should Read This!

Men are known for not going to their GPs when a medical problem first appears. However, I suspect more would if they knew that the unthinkable can happen if they leave one set of mainly ‘non-specific symptoms’ to ‘go away on their own'. These non specific symptoms together point to a diagnosis of  testicular torsion, which if left untreated for even 6 hours, can lead to loss of the affected testicle. Many men that I have spoken to have no idea that this can happen and are horrified when I describe it.


Testicular torsion occurs when the spermatic cord becomes severely twisted, leading to a lack of blood supply to the affected testicle. It is a medical emergency and if not treated quickly, the testicle may die. With prompt treatment, a surgeon can rectify the problem and use surgical techniques to avoid the same happening again to the affected testicle

The NHS choices website describes the symptoms as follows:

•    a sudden, severe pain in one of the testicles
•    swelling of the scrotum
•    nausea
•    vomiting
•    abdominal (tummy) pain

Testicular torsion can occur at any age, but is most common in boys aged 13-17 and is rare in men over 30. It can also affect newborn babies and even unborn babies in the womb.

Most cases happen for no apparent reason, although the problem can occur in boys who are born with an unusually loose spermatic cord and it can develop after an injury to the testicles.

Lanyon Bowdler has previously acted successfully for clients who have brought claims against hospitals and GPs who have failed to spot the signs of testicular torsion and make an urgent referral to surgeons for treatment. If you have been affected by this, contact us for a confidential discussion.