The Week of the Moonwalk - I'm Ready!

Well the training is complete, and the struggle with abstenance from eating chocolate, cakes, having the odd tipple of gin and tonic and all things delicious is almost over.  There have been so many birthdays at the office every one of which I've declined a cake.  Thank you to those thoughtful colleagues who brought  fruit instead.
I took advantage of the long stretch of bank holidays and extra time off to do several 8 mile walks, a 10 mile walk plus a 15 mile walk and yesterday (Saturday), after doing 18.2 miles in the rain, just about managed to squeeze up to 20 miles in soaking clothes.  Boy was I cold, tired and aching.
After I hobbled home and after a lovely hot bath, I tucked into bacon eggs mushrooms and beans on toast, which at the time, was the best meal I'd ever eaten. 
So - this is it.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. At least I feel confident now that if i can do 20 miles - what's another 6.2?
BBC Radio Shropshire are visiting me at home on Friday morning for a catch up interview which will be broadcast on the breakfast show on Sunday morning.  They will be telephoning me during the night to track my progress and then a live broadcast as I cross the finish line at about 8.30 - 9.00am I'm hoping.
On Friday afternoon I'll be heading off to London and resting up on Saturday before arriving at Moonwalk in City in Hyde Park for 7pm.  The MC for the night during the party, the meal and warm up is the comedienne Katy Brand amongst other well known acts. Should be a fun  night and a fantastic atmosphere.  I'll be taking photographs throughout the night for my post Moonwalk blog. We're told to look out for quite a few famous faces who will be taking part. Should be a fun night apart from the serious reasons behind taking part.
I'll be thinking of my family members who were all struck down with breast cancer especially Dad, knowing that every penny that I've raised towards this amazing charity will help brave sufferers in the future to bear their illness and treatment with dignity.  What a great way to raise money and awareness.  What's the pain of 26.2 miles when compared to suffering with cancer? I have well exceeded my target of £500.00 and in fact I'm hopeful to have raised over £700.00.  You can still donate on my fund raising webset below. Any cheques or postal orders should be made payable to Walk the Walk Worldwide.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and donations and will report back with pictures on my return.

In the meantime, I have now received up to date information from “Walk the Walk” as to where the money raised is being spent. Whilst money has been coming in – a lot has been going out.  Some large grants have been made to charities such as Penny Brohn Cancer Care who were able to announce this year that their services would now be completely free thanks to donations.  To Breakthrough Breast Cancer where a grant of over £2 million will contribute to the wonderful work that Alan Ashworth and his team do at the Research Centre. Walk the Walk will be the principal funder of the new Maggie’s Centre which offers emotional support and is being built right now at the Gartnaval Hospital in Glasgow. Meanwhile The Breast Cancer Institute at the Weston General  - Ward 6 was finally opened in April this year.

 Breast Cancer Haven in London received a grant from Walk the Walk for the first time towards their integrated and complimentary care.  On the same note Christie's Hospital in Manchester received a grant to support and develop their Centre of Excellence for Complimentary Care which is such an important part of treatment.

 A small charity called FACT in the North East received a grant of £10,000 to enable them to go out and speak to women about reconstructive surgery which is so very important.

Walk the Walk’s own project of placing Scalp Coolers, which help to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, is growing daily as they are proving to be so successful. They have now placed 225 machines in 72 hospitals throughout the UK. More grants will be made before the end of the year.

Walk the Walk is a charity not only committed to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes but are also passionate about encouraging women and men to become healthier, fitter and to take charge of their own well being.

Being a grant-making charity is their goal that each year they grant as much of their fundraising as possible, making sure that it is put to the best use and where they feel it really will make a difference.  Breast cancer is a major public health issue, and whilst statistics show that the mortality rate is decreasing, the incidences of disease are continuing to rise. The funds so far granted have extended our knowledge of breast cancer and enabled better treatments and understanding of this horrendous disease.

 All of these wonderful projects would be unthinkable with your help from money raised towards all of the challenges through sponsorship.