Tips for a Successful Planning Application

It isn’t always easy to secure planning permission. From barn conversions to large scale chicken sheds each application will have its unique challenges. These are our top tips to clients to ensure a smooth and successful application.


  1. Jumping The Gun – securing planning permission before you start is vital. If you start building early you run the risk of the application being refused and being served with an Enforcement Notice.

  2. Don’t Forget Building Regulations – you won’t always need planning permission for schemes, but building regulations approval is usually always required. The Local Authority can stop your build if the regulations are not met.

  3. Love Thy Neighbour – planning applications can be controversial amongst the locals, especially those which involve expanding farm businesses. It’s important to make neighbours feel involved to avoid objections. 

  4. Get Expert Advice Early – Employing an agricultural planning consultant and an architect together will get you the most out of the planning process. With more complex applications it is important to get specialist lawyers on board that can certify that your application is both procedurally and evidentially sound.

  5. Engage With The Planning Officer – treat officers’ demands for alterations or additional information as a positive. They are likely trying to make the scheme more acceptable to members. 

  6. Section 106 Agreements – Getting the case officer to share conditions and s106 heads of terms early can be a real advantage. Having time to negotiate the terms is important, as it is near impossible to have them amended after a decision is made.

Are you considering a new project? At Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors we are able to advise on all aspects of the law, including property, agriculture, planning and building control.

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