Tragic Neo-Natal Errors which Led to Baby's Death

It was recently reported by BBC News that a seven-day old baby has died after her intravenous feeding machine was wrongly programmed. Maisie Waters, who was born at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital with a heart defect, was mistakenly fed a day’s worth of food through her feeding tube in just one hour.

An inquest heard that the nurse had accidentally entered the hourly rate into the feeding machine, meaning the newborn was given 28 times the 7.5ml she should have received in the hour.  Maisie subsequently went into cardiac arrest and sadly, the doctors were unable to revive her. 
The Coroner Maria Voisin, who held the inquest into her death, also noted that the hospital had not followed guidelines which require two nurses to double check infusion rates on the machines.  Unless a nurse was new or required help, it had not been the normal practice for two nurses to check the rates. 

Following an immediate investigation into her death, the inquest heard that procedures at the hospital have now been altered.

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