Unnecessary and Inappropriate Breast Cancer Surgery

A surgeon based in the West Midlands who is being investigated by the General Medical Council amid allegations about his treatment of more than 1,000 breast cancer patients is also facing a criminal inquiry.

 Ian Patterson was banned by the General Medical Council from carrying out breast surgery in July this year, after it was found he was performing experimental "cleavage sparing" procedures on women suffering from breast cancer. This procedure was not within the clinical guidelines and involved leaving a small amount of tissue for cosmetic reasons. Unfortunately a number of women who had the procedure have had recurrence of cancer as not all of the cancerous cells had been removed. Others are now living in fear that they too will suffer recurrence of the disease and are being called back to hospital to be re-examined.

 It has also been alleged that Mr Patterson carried out a number of unnecessary mastectomies where the patient was subsequently found not to have breast cancer and had therefore had the invasive surgery and unnecessary worry for no reason.

 Lanyon Bowdler has a specialist Clinical Negligence department with vast experience in breast cancer cases. If you have had inadequate medical treatment or invasive treatment which was not necessary please get in touch on 01743 280280.