Value of Claims Dealt with on RTA Portal set to Rise to £25k

All road traffic accident claims under £10,000 are currently dealt with through the RTA portal, this is essentially a system whereby a claim is entered onto a website to which the Claimant and Defendant Insurer have access. The portal ensures that claims are received quickly by insurers, and places strict timescales on responses and so provides an efficient way of resolving an RTA claim. The system was brought in to ensure simple straightforward claims were dealt with swiftly and cost effectively. A successful Claimant receives fixed costs from the Defendant.

From 30 April 2013 the value for RTA Claims will increase from £10,000 to £25,000 and the fixed costs payable will be reduced. The balance in the costs will have to be paid by the Claimant and it is likely these changes may mean some Claimants do not feel able to seek legal representation. Whilst the portal system itself is straightforward, there are strict deadlines which have to be met and failure to meet deadlines can lead to costs penalties.

Since the introduction of the portal in 2010 we have seen an increase in the amount of pre-medical offers made by Defendant Insurers. Those Claimants who attempt to deal with their own claims may be tempted to take these offers, which are generally at the lowest level possible and are not a true reflection of the proper value of their claim.

Some Solicitors are advertising to say that despite these changes, they will still ensure Claimants receive 100% of their compensation, but Claimants should be wary and ensure that if that is the case they do have someone dealing with their claim who has some legal knowledge. Offers taken too early will often leave them under compensated and once an offer is accepted there is no way of returning for any more compensation.

Claimants should be aware that despite these changes, they should still have their claim investigated fully and properly and ensure they receive proper advice on their claim. We are able to provide this advice as claims will always be dealt with by a specialist legal advisor.