Vital Steps if in Receipt of a Claim Notification Form


Since 31 July 2013 all employers liability and public liability personal injury claims, with a value up to £25,000, have been managed through an online system called the Claims Portal.

Investigation Time Reduced

The major effect is that the time to investigate these types of claims has been drastically reduced. However, in cases where liability is admitted and the claim is resolved within the portal, you and your insurer now benefit from fixed legal fees which are considerably less than the legal fees which would otherwise be payable. To ensure you benefit from these changes you, as the employer or owner of a property,have various obligations to assist your insurer in dealing with claims and with your insurers subsequent investigations.


Notify Insurers Immediately

If you receive a Claim Notification Form (CNF) you should notify your insurers straight away and forward the CNF to your insurers. You must also acknowledge, by email, receipt of the claim to the claimant or their representative. Once you have done this your insurer will normally take over dealing with the case and you will have very little involvement.

Know the Policy Requirements

It is absolutely vital that you are aware of what the policy requirements are for notification of claims. Many policies will require you to notify insurers of any circumstance likely to give rise to a claim (not just actual claims), within a set time frame under the terms of your policy.

Employers and companies are often unaware that failing to notify their insurers of a potential claim could invalidate their insurance policy, and they could end up having to deal with the costs and expenses of a claim themselves. With claimants having up to three years to bring a potential personal injury claim, it is crucial that reporting requirements are adhered to.

Increase in Insurers Refusing Claims

Over recent years we have seen an increase in insurers refusing to deal with claims due to the matter not being reported within the time limits provided. You must ensure you and your staff are aware of the reporting requirements of your current policy, and if you do receive a CNF please ensure it is dealt with immediately.