What About my Internet Accounts when I Die?

At some point yesterday whilst I was driving from one appointment to another – or it may even have been on the way home, I heard someone talking about internet accounts and what happens to them when you die.  Well it got me thinking, most of us must have a few; I have stacks - from Facebook to Twitter, sites to upload photographs such as Flickr and even a You Tube account.  Much of the information is probably dull and of little interest to my next of kin, but things such as photographs, videos and even blogs, may hold cherished memories.  I wonder how many of us have even thought about such things when we consider updating (or making), our will.

What about eBay?  Supposing you are in the process of selling/buying things – someone will need to be able to gain access pretty quickly.

I asked Edward Rees, partner and head of the private client department at Lanyon Bowdler for his thoughts.  He said “we're actually working on an information sheet for people to keep with their will and to lodge with us, on this we will ask them to make a note of internet accounts and passwords, so that nearest and dearest can make sure such accounts are closed down.” 

Edward mentioned that officially it would be the Executors responsibility to close any internet accounts, but in reality unless someone keeps a list of where they have accounts and the passwords (even down to the details internet email accounts such as Hotmail), how would the Executor know where to start? 

Food for thought – I do keep a record of all such accounts and passwords, partly because I can never remember what I’m signed up to and certainly because I can never remember the passwords!