Whether it's Football, Business or Life - Be Prepared

Whilst driving in the other morning I heard a story on the radio that made me think about quirks of fate, the consequences of actions and how my role as a solicitor might help to avoid making difficult decisions in respect of these things.

Arsenal v Reading

It is a football story, so bear with me if you are not a fan, but it involves the FA Cup semi-final between Arsenal and Reading which took place last weekend. Arsenal were strong favourites for the game and when they went 1-0 up in the first half the outcome seemed even more certain. However, against the odds Reading fought back, equalised and took the game into extra time. During extra time and with time ticking away an Arsenal forward had a shot on goal. Whilst this particular player has got a sledgehammer shot this was not one of his better efforts and it weakly meandered its way towards goal. However, instead of gathering it in his arms as he had done probably ten thousand times in his life, for some reason the Reading goalkeeper seemed to let the ball squirm underneath him and it crept between his legs and rolled agonisingly over the line. That was Reading’s chance gone, they lost the game and were out of the competition and Arsenal were in the final.


Wedding Bells

There is nothing particularly unusual about that but what was reported this week is that the Reading goalkeeper is due to get married on the same day as the FA Cup final! This begs the question, did he do it on purpose!

That comment is made very much tongue in cheek and I do not think for one second he did it on purpose and I am not suggesting that. It was a genuine mistake and these things happen in football but it sets the scene for an amusing dilemma.

On the one hand he can get through to the FA Cup final and play in what will probably be the biggest game of his life and the pinnacle of his professional career, but this will mean cancelling his wedding. On the other hand he can miss out on the big game but be able to attend his big day. Putting aside issues of whether or not he would be able to play in the game anyway (as I know my wife would have killed me if I had tried to cancel our wedding a month before), this would have been an agonising choice to make and it makes me think of some of the decisions my clients have to make.

Forward Planning

Once they are embroiled in a dispute often they are faced with difficult decisions, none of which are particularly palatable and it is generally a case of choosing the lesser of two evils, achieving a compromise position which, whilst not ideal, is the best that can be done in the circumstances. Often this situation could easily have been avoided by forward planning. In this case, despite there only being a small chance Reading would get through to the FA Cup final, it was possible he could have scheduled his wedding for the following week and gone into the semi final thinking: if I win today I am going to have the best two weeks of my life at the end of May, rather than worrying that if he wins he will have perhaps the most difficult decision to make.

The same applies with legal matters. When planning for the future, if you go and see a solicitor at the outset they can help you see things further down the road identify issues which may arise and build in provisions around them, meaning the agonising decision you are now wrestling with, may never even have arisen if some forward planning had been employed at the outset.

So if you want to avoid making difficult, sometimes “no win” decisions (I know which one I would have chosen by the way, although I dare not say in case my wife reads this), or be forearmed for when the difficult decisions arise, do not hesitate to call Lanyon Bowdler, where we help to head off problems before they even arise.