Women in Agriculture: Shaping the Future

As the leading agricultural legal services specialist in Shropshire and Herefordshire, Lanyon Bowdler takes great interest in the current state of the agricultural sector and the direction it is likely to take in the future. The role of women in this industry is something we're keen to champion, and our new report, Women in Agriculture: Shaping the Future, looks at how females are helping to drive the sector forward.
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Women in Agriculture
To help us compile our report, we sought the views of various women involved in the industry. These include Sarah Faulkner, Environment and Rural Affairs Adviser for the National Farmers Union (NFU) in the West Midlands region, Helen Cork, Shropshire County Advisor for the NFU, Susan Shanahan, formerly the NFU Legal Assistance Scheme Adviser for the West Midlands, Claire Barker, office administration manager at mixed organic farm Great Berwick and Samantha Gray, author of the book Doing it in Wellies.
The report considers the new opportunities that have arisen for women keen to carve a successful career in the industry, and profiles some of the females who are leading the way and currently hold some of the most prominent positions in the sector. It also looks at the attitudes toward women in agriculture, how they are perceived by men in the industry, and the new technologies that are helping to create new and varied roles in this field. 
Providing a snapshot of the role women play in agriculture today, and looking forward to their contributions in the future, the report is a celebration of how women are shaping the industry both now and in the years to come.