Wye Valley NHS Trust comes under Increasing Pressure

Earlier this month, Wye Valley NHS Trust gave a statement announcing that they had taken the decision to temporarily close the Minor Injury Units at Ross-on-Wye and Leominster Community Hospitals from 4 March. The MIU’s are expected to remain closed throughout March.

The decision was made in an attempt to help the Trust cope with the current high demand on services and boost the number of staff available to cover shifts at the Emergency Department at Hereford County Hospital.


Richard Beeken, Chief Executive of Wye Valley NHS Trust said “By bringing three experienced and skilled staff from our MIUs to work at the County Hospital, we can assure those who are seriously ill, will receive a safe and effective service. We have a responsibility to ensure we treat patients who are most seriously unwell as a priority.”

Cardiac Arrest at Hereford County Hospital

This week, BBC News has reported that a patient had a cardiac arrest at Hereford County Hospital, after waiting an hour and half in a hospital corridor. It is believed the patient survived but needed emergency treatment due to deterioration in their health.

A spokesperson for the Trust told BBC News “We can confirm we are reviewing the care and treatment of a patient who was nursed within the reception corridor of the emergency department and experienced a sudden deterioration in condition requiring emergency treatment.”

Hereford County Hospital came under the limelight earlier this month when they declared an "internal incident" following an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea on inpatient wards. This led to the closure of beds and a number of operations being cancelled.

Increase in People Requiring Admission

The Trust reported that the number of people requiring admission has increased by 16% on the same period last year.

Richard Beeken, responsible for running the 220 bed hospital, said cancelling operations was a "last resort". He said many of the patients with sickness and diarrhoea were "very poorly" and require "a longer stay in hospital than expected".

When a hospital declares a major incident or internal incident, it indicates the pressure on services has forced the need for special measures to be introduced.

The declaration allows hospital bosses to call in extra staff to help.

Wye Valley NHS Trust said it was working with West Midlands Ambulance Service, the commissioners for healthcare in the county, the Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Herefordshire Council to manage the situation.